Elena Panaritis in Opportunity Collaboration 13-18 October Mexico Ixtapa



“A New Kind of Business Retreat to Tackle Global Poverty”


OCTOBER 13-18, 2013


Elena Panaritis @
Economist, Social Entrepreneur, Policy Innovator
Founder & CEO of www.thoughtforaction.org

Participates in Opportunity Collaboration
Poverty Alleviation UN- Conference
Mexico, Ixtapa
October 13-18, 2013

Elena Panaritis is joining innovative, entrepreneurial, for-profit and non-profit organization executives and shares her experience and knowledge about economic justice and poverty alleviation. She is presenting her innovative method for change and facing poverty through tackling informality of property rights. In a period of increased poverty rates globally, Elena will have the chance to provide a diversity of innovative perspectives and policies for reducing poverty rates, child labour and informality by transforming the wealth base of the poor into that of a middle class. She had a track record of doing successful transformations with her method “Reality Check Analysis”.
In Peru, she succeeded in bringing over ten million Peruvians into the formal economy. She has inspired and influenced the transformation of crisis stricken economies.

Elena has been chosen, as a Cordes Fellow, to participate at Opportunity Collaboration.

What is a Cordes Fellow?

Fellows are catalytic leaders who by their actions and accomplishments evidence pragmatic vision, passionate tenacity, multi-sectoral thinking, adaptive leadership skills, non-ideological activism and a strong ethical grounding.
About Elena Panaritis
Elena Panaritis is an institutional economist, social entrepreneur, and policy innovator. Until recently she served as a special economics advisor to the Greek Prime Minister and as a Member of Parliament of Greece. In more than a decade as an economist at the World Bank, Elena spearheaded institutional/structural changes including property rights reform in Peru that received International Best Practice and Innovation awards (over 10Million are the beneficiaries). Elena’s reform methods have revolutionized and forever changed the way people and policymakers think about structural changes; and specifically about property rights and informality. As an institutional economist she pioneered social entrepreneurship, she is renowned for her success in transforming informal markets (by changing property rights) into vibrant, growing formal economic and social entities. Her book Prosperity Unbound: Building Property Markets with Trust (Palgrave Macmillan) recounts her experience and expands on her methodology- “Reality Check Analysis”, which is considered one of the best practical applications of institutional economics to property rights issues. Robert Litan, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute and Vice President for Research and Policy at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation of Entrepreneurship calls her work “a real contribution.”

She is the founder of Panel Group, a triple-bottom-line business that focuses in distressed cities and markets with high level of informality. Panel Group also provides counsel to governments and private sector on how to apply structural reforms and changes to transform illiquid assets (property) and turn markets more efficient and productive. She has also founded Thought for Action, an educational foundation to create awareness about transforming informality and countries under solvency crisis like Greece. Elena Panaritis has taught economic development, housing finance and property markets reform courses at the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, INSEAD, and the Johns Hopkins University- School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

She blogs at: www.prosperityunbound.com/blog
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Elena Panaritis participated in the 6th RE+D Business Forum in Athens

Elena Panaritis participated on December 14, the 6th RE+D Business Forum in Athens. The panel focused on the new economic environment after the EU Summit decisions and the future of the real estate market in Greece.

She started her presentation with a straightforward question: What causes the economic crises? Based on her long experience in World Bank she made the point that poor macroeconomic conditions and public sector mismanagement are essential parts of the problem. But the causes of the deep economic crisis are always fundamental. Elementary economics focus on the basic factors of production of land and labor. If the basic factor of production is managed with uncertainty and risk then, people, acting as rational decision-makers, attempt to control their uncertain environment by engaging in controlled environment of informal transactions. In order to transform such behavior the formal system need to be simple, robust and stable.

Greece’s property market, continued Elena Panaritis, is complicated, costly and rather dysfunctional, designed in the 19th century based on the French legal system of the time. Indeed, today, Greece, as well as France and Belgium, are included in the list of most complex and time consuming registration systems. A real-estate sale in Greece today involves three distinct legal systems, 15 entities, 17 to 27 steps and one to six months to conclude.

A functional and simple property rights system is a decisive factor for the acceleration of the economic performance, underscored Ms. Panaritis. Fundamental transformations are necessary. However, any effort for transformation requires time, commitment and strong leadership, measured results, no u-turns and honest communication. The last one is a critical component for success, underlined Ms. Panaritis, because honesty is the fundamental element of building trust.

Elena Panaritis speaks at TBLI Conference Europe 2011 on Green Real Estate

Elena Panaritis, founder of Panel Group LLC, is participating in a workshop on “Retrofitting and Green Real Estate” part of TBLI Conference Europe.

Workshop 11: Retroffiting and Green Real Estate

Time: 09.00 – 10.45

(@Fleming Suite, Grange St. Paul’s Hotel)

Title of Presentation: The Role of Property Rights in Green Investments on Real Property and Land

What is green real estate? A workshop during the second day of this year’s TBLI Conference Europe 2011, will present a variety of perspectives on ‘Retrofitting and green real estate’. The workshop will be moderated by Robert S. Earhart, Director – TBLI Consulting Group. Speakers include Elena Panaritis, Founder – Panel Group LLC, Jonathan F.P. Rose, President – Jonathan Rose Companies LLC, Paul Cayford, Founder and Director – Cayford Architecture Ltd (UK).

Elena Panaritis is one of the pioneers of impact investing. She will explore the role of property rights in green investments on real property. She will share her experience as the founder of a triple bottom line business, working to transform illiquid assets into tradable ones and laying the foundations for a secure property rights environment through an innovative corporate structure. Her proprietary method aligns incentives among the private sector, governments, and owners resulting in a higher level of wealth and security (individual and community), along with a reduction of the carbon footprint.

Panel Group LLC, is using a tripple bottom business model. Elena also leverages her methodology and its successful application in Peru and elsewhere, through her book Prosperity Unbound; Building Property Markets with Trust (Palgrave, Macmillan 2007,) as well as, with PG Thought for Action, an educational foundation she created. The foundation promotes awareness of transforming informal property around the world.


Based in Amsterdam, TBLI GROUP™ raises awareness in the financial sector of the benefits of impact investment. It advises both companies and individuals who wish to institutionalize sustainability and acts as a global educator, providing a network for parties who share in this goal.